Welcome to the world of the Lovelight Sisters!

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The Lovelights is a children’s television series in development that celebrates art, music, nature, friendship, kindness, curiosity, and community. Set in Turners Falls Massachusetts, the show features a family of quirky, artistic, and magical sisters, who find themselves on a series of adventures when they discover faeries living in their town.

Watch Episode One!


Help Fund Episode Two!

Our pilot episode, “A Day For Fainting Fairies ,” premiered on August 17th,  2019, and we are ready to begin Episode Two! Our first episode was community supported by donors and volunteers, and grants from the public access stations. All actors, writers, musicians, designers, camera crews, etc. worked on a volunteer basis,  and much of the funds for props and costumes came from our own pockets.

With one episode under our belts, we are hoping to crowd source  funds from a wider audience to support props, costumes, and other expenses, and perhaps even pay artists and crews for their time.

Thank you for your support!